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How To Setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu

Download and Install OpenVPN

  1. Open Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T
  2. Install OpenVPN by running the command:
  3. apt update
    sudo apt install openvpn

Download and Extract VPN Profile

  1. Visit the provided link and download the ZIP file containing the OpenVPN profile.
  2. Use Terminal to navigate to the directory where the ZIP file was downloaded. For example:
  3. cd ~/Downloads
  4. Unzip the downloaded file using the command:
  5. unzip austria

Connect to VPN

  1. Move into the extracted directory using Terminal:
  2. cd austria s1
  3. List the contents of the directory to find the configuration file:
  4. ls
  5. Identify the .ovpn file. This file contains the configuration details required to connect to the VPN.
  6. Connect to the VPN using the identified configuration file.
  7. sudo openvpn austria s1_tcp.ovpn
  8. This command may require administrative privileges (hence the sudo).
  9. Enter your system password when prompted.
  10. You'll see log information in the Terminal indicating the connection process. Once connected, it will show a message indicating the successful connection.

Disconnect from VPN

  1. To disconnect from the VPN, go back to the Terminal where OpenVPN is running and press Ctrl + C. This will terminate the connection.